Sand Blasting / Dustless Blasting

Instead of traditional sandblasting, we use a procedure called dustless blasting. Dustless blasters use recycled glass abrasive mixed with water, which makes them more efficient than traditional sand blasters in many ways. The procedure does not damage the targeted surface, is more environmental-friendly and does not create harmful plumes of dust and debris. Since no visible emissions or particulate matter are created, no special permits for dust control are needed to operate in the city. At the same time, dustless blasting is strong enough to remove even the toughest industrial-strength coatings specifically designed to resist abrasion, along with any rust and graffiti.

SandBlasting Car Before and After: car that has been dustless blasted

What is dustless blasting used for?

  • Graffiti removal and building restoration
  • Vehicle/vessel surface preparation
  • Industrial work
  • Antiques restoration
  • Swimming pool resurfacing
  • Road stripe or parking lot stripe removal
  • Refinery surface preparation
  • …and more!
Dustless blasting graffiti removal for municipal Before and After: limestone steps that have been dustless blasted