Powder Coating

Sometimes paint is simply not enough. For these situations, you need industrial-strength powder coating. More resistant to corrosion and abrasion than conventional paint, powder coating will not crack or peel easily, even when exposed to harsh elements.

This procedure involves applying a powder to a surface, then curing it under intense heat. This causes the powder to melt, evenly coating the surface without running or sagging.

Before Powder Coating After Powder Coating Gloss black 20 inch powder coated rim 20 inch Honda Rim Prismatic powders Polar White powddercoated set of Honda rims powder coated Polar White Range Rover with Matt Black wheels Range Rover close up on wheel Mercedes g wagon exhaust tips in Matt Black Powder coat Honda Civic Prismatic Powders Heavy Silver close up Honda Civic Powdercoat Jaguar F Pace 22 inch wheels Jaguar F Pace wheels oven Gloss Black Jaguar F Pace after shot 3 foot by 12 foot metal sign Pearl Powder coated Honda Heavy Silver wheels out of oven Polar white powder coat Konig wheels Polar white Prismatic powder Konig wheel Heavy Silver Prismatic Powders

Due to the lack of harsh chemical solvents involved, it’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paints. Because powder coating works best on clean surfaces, we carry out a thorough surface preparation via dustless blasting.

We use only the highest-quality powders from reputable suppliers such as Prismatic Powders, with a spectrum that covers the entire RAL color line.

Before Powder Coating After Powder Coating Polar white Konig wheel Polar white Konig wheel Matt Black color rims Range Rover with Matt Black rims AMG g wagon exhaust tip powder coated in Matt Black AMG g wagon exhaust tips powder coated in Matt Black Heavy silver 22' rims Before and after Matt black rims Jaguar F Pace uncured rims Jaguar F Pace before and after Store front sign rusty before sandblasted rust to white metal Proper wheel profile for powder coating set of white Kong polar white rims set of heavy silver 24 inch rims