Pool Demolition

Swimming pools are great, as long as you’re using them. However, they can get old and dirty with age, especially when no one is using them and no one really wants to take care of the expensive and time-consuming maintenance. If your swimming pool is now dead in the water, our team has the permits and the tools to demolish it in just a few steps so that you can use your yard for other purposes.

Before Pool Demolition After Pool Demolition
  • First, we will drain the pool completely if it still contains any water.
  • We will then fully demolish the pool’s walls and other associated structures and dispose of the debris and cement without burying them in your yard to prevent the area from caving in after a few years. This is called “complete removal.”
  • Finally, we will fill in the pool with soil and sand to create space for a garden, a shed or simply a brand-new lawn!
After Pool Demolition After Pool Demolition