About Us

Founded by Jeff Tomlin, Radd Services is a company that grows and evolves with time in order to adapt to its customers’ needs. We started with heavy equipment maintenance, dustless blasting and painting in 2001, but over the years we have been constantly branching out to provide our clients with the convenience of having a one-stop shop for a wide variety of interconnected services.

Having expanded our dustless blasting services beyond just heavy equipment, we can renovate everything from graffiti-covered houses to pools and to cars. After freshening up a surface by blasting it, we can apply industrial-strength powder coating to prevent new corrosion and abrasion, even in the harshest conditions.

We have been keeping up with the times, using the latest in diagnostic tools to repair new heavy equipment models. We also seized the opportunity to take our automobile services beyond just surface renovation, and acquired service software that allows us to scan and repair most cars.

Since we have access to the necessary heavy equipment, we can also provide demolition and cleanup services.

As our wide palette of services is tied to years of experience, our clientele trusts our professional approach. But beyond just expertise and professionalism, Radd Services is a company that emphasizes quality and customer satisfaction above all.

Powder coated Ford Blue oil pan Heavy Equipment Dustless blasting graffiti removal for municipal

Our client-oriented approach aims to ensure a 100% satisfaction rate – so no matter what it takes, we will not quit until you are happy with our work.